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TitleFleet Building mural - Farringdon St.
Type of workMural
DescriptionCommissioned by the Ministry of Works and unveiled at the opening of the General Post Office's brand new, state-of-the-art telegraph office; the Fleet Building (70 Farringdon Street, London EC4).
Additional infoThe mural was given Grade II listed status in November 2011 and moved to Barbican Highwalks in the summer of 2013, in order to make way for the planned demolition of the Fleet Building on Farringdon Street. Moving the mural meant resetting all the individual tiles in nine brand new frames. These photographs were taken in November 2011 (shortly before the mural was listed) by the gentle author of http://spitalfieldslife.com.
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 Physical attributes 
MaterialsGlazed tile
Dimensions0 x 0
On public viewYes
 Financial attributes 
Provenance1960-2010: General Post Office then British Telecom. 2010-2013: Goldman Sachs (acquired with purchase of Fleet Building). 2013-present: City Corporation
Property ofCity Corporation

Image labelPanel #7
Image titleImpressions derived from the patterns produced in cathode ray oscilligraphs used in testing
Image captionFleet Building mural - Farringdon St. (Panel #7) — Dorothy Annan — Glazed tile mural (1960)
Image copyrightDorothy & Trevor Tennant estate
Image licenseBY-NC-SA