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TitleFleet Building 1961 memorial bowl
Type of workCeramic
DescriptionA ceramic bowl made in or shortly after 1961 to celebrate the completion of the Fleet Building mural on Farringdon Street. The same glazes were used and it includes many of the same motifs. The inscription reads "Fleet Building 1961". Unfortunately, the glaze used for the inscription ran while the bowl was being fired.
ExhibitionsOut There: Our Post-War Public Art - Somerset House - 2016
Additional info
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 Physical attributes 
MaterialsClay (fired and glazed)
Dimensions100 x 450 x 520
On public viewNo
 Financial attributes 
ProvenancePresented by the artist's estate to the 20th Century Society, in October 2015, in grateful recognition of the Society's work in saving the Fleet Building mural on Farringdon Street.
Property of20th Century Society

Image labelupright
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Image captionFleet Building 1961 memorial bowl (upright) — Dorothy Annan — Clay (fired and glazed) ceramic (1961)
Image copyrightDorothy & Trevor Tennant estate
Image licenseBY-NC-SA