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TitleFamily Portrait
Type of workPainting
DescriptionA family portrait consisting of husband, wife and six children. The wife wears a black dress and sits on a red settee with one child on her knee and two more on either side. The husband also wears black (bar the white pinstripe on his trousers) and sits on a separate chair, with its back facing the viewer. This allows him to rest his arms on the back of the chair while simultaneously cradling the youngest child, still a baby. The wife appears to be trying to look directly at the viewer, but is distracted, perhaps by the restless children all around her. The husband, by contrast, looks relaxed, and makes no effort to look at the viewer. Instead, he looks over the family group to his right with a rather pleased, and possibly supportive, expression on his face.
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 Physical attributes 
MaterialsOil on canvas
Dimensions764 x 638
On public viewNo
 Financial attributes 
ProvenanceA gift from the artist's estate (in 1993)
Property ofSharon Girardi

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Image captionFamily Portrait — Dorothy Annan — Oil on canvas painting (1948)
Image copyrightDorothy & Trevor Tennant estate
Image licenseBY-NC-SA